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Girls, Girls, Girls

Big boobs makes your eyes fuzzy. Check the evidence above! and click play for some great accompanying music by Masa Kosugi (concentrate).

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Blink Fast!

Focus on the red dot for 10 seconds. Then close your eyes shortly, look onto a white wall/table and blink Fast and Repeatedly

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In The Mode

I was staring at this picture (focusing on the girl and ball) when Bingo players ‘Mode’ came on. Try it out, I thought it felt crazy! Especially during the build up and DROP, that was nuts. Agreed?

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Kanye West x All of the Lights

That top Rihanna got on made me wanna (say) fuck the whole video :s  

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Exile x Population Control

From Vimeo Page: Exile’s “Population Control” is a trippy, mind-bending video scored by Samyiam, Dibiase and Free The Robots who all remixed the same track featured on ‘AM/FM.’ Inspired by Exile’s “We Are All In Power” video, visual artist Greg “The … Continue reading

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