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I dig this image! Is it just me or does knowing your partners password make you pretty obsessive/paranoid. Anyway, that’s beside the point eh? Advertisements

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In Quotes…

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In The Mode

I was staring at this picture (focusing on the girl and ball) when Bingo players ‘Mode’ came on. Try it out, I thought it felt crazy! Especially during the build up and DROP, that was nuts. Agreed?

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Sexual Healing

I like this image a lot because I can somewhat relate to it. I really don’t know what certain art means but I always give it my own definition in the context of what I go through in my own … Continue reading

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Today’s Musician

This shit is so true, it’s actually quite sad.

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J. Cole x Return of Simba

J. Cole is so sick though! wow… Download Lyrics One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here And will rise with you as the new king (And this’ll all be mine?) Everything (Everything the light touches…) J. Cole … Continue reading

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BBC Documentary x Human Planet

This documentary is of epic proportions that seems to inspire me seamlessly.

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Glory and Consequence

I don’t know why this guys images are always so striking to me. Im sure even if it’s just a pic of him reading a book it’ll make me feel like a champion too.

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Boku-H x Ends of The World

Hey, its me )) …

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Hands Made from Clay

It’s unbelievable what can be done from clay… Cool eh?

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