Sexual Healing


I like this image a lot because I can somewhat relate to it. I really don’t know what certain art means but I always give it my own definition in the context of what I go through in my own life. This image speaks closely to my views on sex; that sex without love feels dirty. ha, maybe it’s just me? I wish I knew who the artist was so I could acknowledge them.

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2 Responses to Sexual Healing

  1. well actually pink, scientifically, should bring a feeling of anti-aggressiveness, it’ll make you feel almost inferior and passive (somewhat similar to blue, but more-so). if it was red however you’d feel the aggression even in the enjoyable context, there’d be more energy in the moment.

    • boku-H says:

      I like that, I will remember that. For some reason though, probably because of personal experiences, that image felt so dirty to me. Almost to say for that moment it’s magic, you’re lost in the passion but straight after you will feel dirty

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