Robin x Eleven 2 Eleven


I’m a closet stan (!!) of this guy and I don’t think he even knows it. This is my favourite EP from him, especially the track ‘Other Side’, I can rap to that song word for word  now:p and I listen to this tape everyday )) Do your research on him and ‘like’ his fanpage here.


1. Comin Around

2. Hurt Me Again

3. Other Side

4. Porcelain

5. Straight Up Bars

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2 Responses to Robin x Eleven 2 Eleven

  1. damn you i was about to blog this again haha. dope ep though still getting playtime since you showed it to me.

  2. boku-H says:

    blog it as well maan xD u know this dude opened for snoop when he went out to dubai. its only a matter of time for him, hope he keeps pushing

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