My Sister’s Poem

Flashes of Black and Green

I’m meant to be silent and behave

I would if he did not mean the world to me

Having a hard time does not even begin to cut it,

not like he has cut me

A lady is not meant to show her problems said he

But such tyranny on my heart has got me writing poetry

My heart, my crazy heart, my psychotic heart

My heart that lost its guard

The guard was I, I gave away the key. Letting all the

Goodness, innocence and love that was in it flow free

For something of worth in return, i’m not sure it came

“Close your eyes”, he said,” imagine i’m there”

Blind love can set the soul free but it is blind

Compromises that bind and bind

You are free but what can You find,

Where can You go

Find substitution and open

Your eyes for a little while but we all have to sleep.

Yes You, it’s you, it’s me

We all reach the point were our bodies retreat to the allure of rest

And when you sleep guess where your imagination takes you

And when you’re there nobody can wake you

But you did not imagine it

It was once real

But the magician is gone

The magician forgot to wake you

Took all his magic and left

Some of his potion. The potion slowly turn to poison

The words he used as an elixir where so strong

So powerful

They did not wear off

The curse remains

Fall in and out of the trance you will see flashes of

Black and Green

Darkness and Life

Hate and Hope

Some will always hope the grass is greener

on the other side

Chase it, chase it, chase it

Chase it until The Life envelopes the mind and soul

Many people will only see green

No matter whose world they black out

So what will you colour me black or green?

Remember i’m a lady it would need to match

Beautifully written I have to say . Not sure about the structure .etc. but the concept is out of this world to me. I felt it hit my heart. hah . Salute .

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