I’ll Just Eat The Feather

Best image to describe the feeling that has presided over me for so long. I always do very little compared to what I know I can do. I think its fear of failure, because this isn’t my first blog! I’ve blogged before but I wasn’t being myself in most of my posts that I couldn’t keep up and now it just feels like I was eating the feather and shying away from the bird. But now I’m going to make sure sure that I’m myself and I’m going to enjoy this experience. I am going to give you some videos with my opinions and reflect my thoughts and inspirations in the hope that some people can relate to it all or at least some of it.  I’ve started this blog for you so enjoy it x digest x experience it x love it x get inspired x ℒℴѵℯ ))
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2 Responses to I’ll Just Eat The Feather

  1. penguin says:

    how did i not even know you had a blog going?
    love it! x

  2. boku-H says:

    the comment is from a penguin. lol ❤

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