Girls, Girls, Girls

Big boobs makes your eyes fuzzy. Check the evidence above! and click play for some great accompanying music by Masa Kosugi (concentrate).

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Great Street Art

I really liked this street art, very creative! Check out some more here.

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The Last Supper x Ghost Sculptures

Goldwell Open Museum in the Nevada desert is home to one of the most striking sculptures you’ll see. It was done by Belgian artist Albert Szukalski’s, it’s his version of “The Last Supper,” made out of ghosts! I definitely want to see this one day.

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Tilt x Anarchy In The UK

Tilt is a French graffiti artist, renowned for painting on buildings, canvases and naked women. I recently saw this outside Village underground and I really liked it, it’s the Union Jack made up of lyrics from the Sex Pistols “God Save the Queen”!

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Exploding Fruits x Alan Sailer


Check for more exploding fruits on Alan Sailer’s Flickr page. The above images are my favorite fruits so the explosions are mouth watering for me.

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Paige Bradley x Expansion

Artist Paige Bradley is behind this sculpture, it shows a beautiful woman seeking inner piece but fractured and bleeding with light. All I know is this image makes me feel peaceful by just looking at it. Check out the story behind the sculpture and some more shots of it here.

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Blink Fast!

Focus on the red dot for 10 seconds. Then close your eyes shortly, look onto a white wall/table and blink Fast and Repeatedly

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I dig this image! Is it just me or does knowing your partners password make you pretty obsessive/paranoid. Anyway, that’s beside the point eh?

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In Quotes…



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Size Zero


What is the cost of ‘beauty’? This image just made me think about how some girls are obsessed with weight loss. Yo, I cant stand a bony girl who wants to be bony by option. ha, Eaat!

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